Today, the removal of dyes from textile dyeing, paper, coffee manufacturing wastewater is a challenging issue for many businesses and organizations specialized in consulting and designing wastewater treatment system. Wastewater treatment systems that fail to meet the standards will face the following issues:


- Treated wastewater does not meet standards due to high concentration of dyes, resulting in a fine.
- High treatment cost for color removal which businesses cannot afford.
- Large amount of sludge produced during color treatment process, spiking up the cost for treatment and operation.


         ASIATECH is proud to be the pioneering contractor who conducts our own research and applies specialized catalyst (a product of our laboratory combined with technology transferred from EU) in the color removal treatment of wastewater from Industrial zones and factories, ensuring that the treated wastewater meets the required standards as well as optimizing chemical cost during operation. This new technology has achieved great successes in treating highly colored wastewater of many projects from the textile dyeing, paper, leachate, coffee processing and other industries

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