Surface water is water body from ponds, lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams. Due to disturbances of various sources and dynamic interactions with the atmosphere, surface water has some of the following characteristics:
 • Contain dissolved gases, particularly oxygen.
 • High concentration of suspended solids; relatively low concentration of suspended solids in the form of paste-like substance in ponds and lakes due to sedimentation.
 • High level of organic matters.
 • Presence of various algae.
 • Strong presence of microorganisms

There are several treatment methods for surface water which depend on the following criteria: demands of water supply, standard of water supply, characteristics of surface water, natural conditions, socio-economic conditions, etc.

Over 20 years of experience in the environmental field, ASIATECH has successfully implemented a series of surface water treatment projects for clean water supply for residential projects, industrial parks, factories, schools, hospitals. In addition, we also have a professional team of legal consultants who always stay updated with new standards and regulations which allows us to answer all of the customer's questions on environmental law as well as legal procedures and carry out all relevant paperworks for the registration of surface water.resource permit in a timely and effective manner.

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