Wastewater of the paper industry varies in terms of poluttants depending on input materials and production technologies used. Wastewater consists mostly of suspended solids, COD, BOD, and has high pigmentation. This is the one type of wastewater requiring more sophisticated treatment.

Many pressing pollution issues are present in different forms and scope, causing serious consequences to the environment and human health. Environmental disasters have caused losses and damages to the environment and population. As a result, authorities are imposing stricter controls and enforcement over business owners, especially on the more polluting industries such as the paper industry.

With our considerable experience, ASIATECH has constructed many large-scale wastewater treatment sites including the one with a capacity of 30.000 M³/Day&night for the Cheng Loong Binh Duong Paper Co., Ltd. - a subsidiary of the Taiwan Cheng Loong Group.

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 - CHENG LOONG PAPER Industrial Zone - Binh Duong Province
                    Location :  Binh Duong Province
                    Capacity :  30.000 M³/Day

 - BINH MINH Paper Factory
                    Location :  Dong Nai province
                    Capacity :  600 M³/Day

 - MINH NGUYEN Paper Factory
                    Location :  Hoa Binh province
                    Capacity :  400 M³/Day

 - ...

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