The wastewater of beer - beverage industry varies in terms of components, characteristics, and temperature, coming from various sources like cooling water, condensed water, cleansing water for fermenters, tanks, reservoirs, pipes, floors, etc; wastewater from fermentation tanks and bottle cleansing, etc.

This type of wastewater usually has a high concentration of COD, BOD, and nutrient which often results in treated wastewater exceeding the N and P criteria upon inspection.

With our considerable experience, ASIATECH has successfully implemented many large-scale wastewater treatment systems for renowned customers in the beer - beverage industry including Budweiser beer factory - Binh Duong province, Saigon Beer factory - Lam river, CocaCola Vietnam factory, URC factory in Vietnam, URC factory in Myanmar, etc.

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 - BUDWEISER Beer Factory – BINH DUONG Province
                    Location :  VSIP II-A Industrial Zone, Binh Duong province
                    Capacity :  750 M³/Day

 - COCA COLA – VIETNAM Beverage Factory
                    Location:  Hatay – Hanoi; Danang city.
                    Capacity :  1.500 M³/Day

 - URC – VIETNAM Beverage Factory
                    Location:  VSIP II Industrial Zone - Binh Duong province;
                    Capacity:  2.350 M³/Day

 - ...

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